Nov 10, 2015

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The Benefits Of Having Double Glazed Windows In Your Home

double glazingIf you live in an older home, one that has original single pane windows, then most likely during the winter you’ve noticed plenty of dampness and condensation on the windows. There are many problems with having windows that sweat, especially if you notice any black mold growing near the bottom of the panes, as that can be toxic, or just cause severe allergies, depending on which exact strain is growing. Of course, if the frames are made of wood, then most likely that dampness is causing the wood to rot which allows cold air to circulate past and raise your heat bills.

There Are Plenty Of Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

One of the main advantages of having a double pane window is the added amount of insulation you get from the airspace between the panes. When you place your hand on the window there will be an obvious difference in temperature between the two types of gazing. When the air in the room touches the cold glass of a single pane, it absorbs the coolness and drops to the floor, because cold air is heavier. This creates a constant draft in the room of cold air moving across the floor from each window, and you can feel it with your feet as you walk around the room.

The second big problem with single glazing is that most of those windows are quite old, and they have leaks around the glass so that when the wind blows, cold air from outside actually comes straight into the home. This is the worst kind of air infiltration since it doesn’t even have to convect through the glass, it just blows through your house, freezing you and everyone else.

Another Benefit Of Double Glazed Windows Is The Low E Glass

A more recent addition to double glazed windows is the low emissions glass. There are three different ways that the heat can pass through windows, convection, infiltration and radiance. Radiance is like the sun’s rays that go millions of miles and heat up things where they land.

Heat from inside or outside of your house can radiate through the glass just like solar rays, causing either a high air conditioning bill, or high heat bill. Low E glass blocks a high percentage of the heat passing through as rays, helping to keep your home either warm or cool, depending on the season.

New Windows Are Far Easier To Keep Clean

If you have to have your old windows cleaned you would normally need to pay some one with a ladder to climb up to do the outside. But, with modern double glazed windows you can remove each section from the inside easily, clean it and reinsert it in mere minutes. It’s an incredible time and money saver that often gets overlooked, but will spoil you forever, once you see it in action.

There are many advantages of having double glazed windows, energy savings, ease of cleaning and the comfort of not having cold drafts to name just a few. But when you realize how much value they add to your home you’ll be sold immediately. If you need advice on whether double glazing is right for then contact Lewington and Son who supply homes with double glazing in Reading Berkshire and they would be happy to advise you.

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