Jun 29, 2015

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The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet

Most homes have carpets on the floors. Carpets are used for warmth as well as a form of decoration. However, carpets tend to absorb a lot of the dust and dirt that comes into the house. They are also prone to stains of different ranging from grass and mud stains to wine stains. There are different ways to clean different kinds of stains and get rid of dust and dirt that has settled in carpets.

The most popular way to clean carpets is vacuuming. Carpets can be cleaned using carpet shampoos. This is done by mixing the shampoo with some water so as to generate a foam on the Once it is dry, it is vacuumed off the carpet leaving it soft, clean and smelling fresh.
One can use a carpet cleaner that is in powdered form or by simply using baking powder. The powder is sprinkled all over the carpet and left on it for about thirty minutes then vacuumed. This powder absorbs odors and cleans stains leaving the carpet soft and smelling fresh. It is a fast way to clean stains and clear odors from the carpet.

Steam cleaning involves a machine that sprays heated liquid onto the carpet. The liquid is then immediately vacuumed off. This should be done properly to avoid a damp carpet.

One can use a broom to clean a carpet. This is effective for dirt that is visible and any large particles. However, brushing the carpet may cause it to age faster. It may also not get rid of dust and other minute dust particles. It should therefore not be the only method used to clean a carpet.
Carpet stains should be cleaned as fast as they occur. The longer it stays, the harder it will be to get rid of. Carpet stains can be removed by using a cloth and baking soda, undiluted vinegar, corn starch or even club soda. Do not rub the stain off. Instead, blot it out using a cloth to avoid spreading it out.

The most effective way to clean a carpet is to take it to . Although one may prefer to clean their carpet on their own, it is good to take the carpet to professionals for thorough cleaning to get rid of dirt that one may have missed.
On conclusion, all carpets can be cleaned using the above methods. Slight differences in the method used may occur due to the different colors and textures of carpets.

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