Jul 5, 2015

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Top Strategies for Improving the Security of Your Home

It’s estimated that a house is broken into every 15 seconds in the UK with almost £2000 worth of property going missing each time. The truth is that is really isn’t difficult to break into many homes with the majority of them having real weak spots which are like an open invitation to unwanted intruders.

Here are a few relatively simple strategies which you can use to improve the security of your home, your family and your possessions.

Intruder and Burglar Alarms – the chances are that if your alarm goes off somebody has already broken into your home which is not a good sign. Alarms do however provide peace of mind, the noisier the better. House breakers do depend upon not being noticed so if you do have burglar alarms fitted make sure that you advertise the fact loudly and boldly. Make sure that you put stickers on all of your doors and windows too to act as a deterrent.

Social Media – the internet and social media networks are a great way to tell your family and friends of your vacation plans but unfortunately they can also broadcast this news to people with other agendas. Don’t let all and sundry know that your house is going to be empty while you enjoy a weekend up state, but do let your neighbors know if you’re not going to be around for a while so they can keep an eye on your property.

Dark Spots – intruders like to go about their “business” unnoticed so if your garden has plenty of dark hiding places this is a real weakness. Cut back any bushes or shrubs, particularly those close to points of entry around your home to remove potential hiding places and invest in a few motion sensor lights to light up the darkest corners of your yard and garden. You can speak to a company of thermal imaging experts and get special cameras fitted to pick up body heat. Burglars do not like to be in the spotlight and should make a hasty retreat if they know that the lights will go on.

Spare Keys – you’ll be amazed at how many people still leave a spare key under the doormat, hidden in a plant pot or behind the shed door. If you do need the security of having a spare key available at least try to be a little more original when choosing a hiding place for it.

Follow these simple security strategies and your home will be lower on the list of targets for unwanted visitors.

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